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Chris Tucker


Chris Tucker

Born: August 31, 1971

Age: 44

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia

Industry: Actor, Comedian

Net Worth: -$11 million – $5 million


Comedian and actor Chris Tucker has entertained fans for several decades. His biggest movie hits, Rush Hour 1-3, brought in over $500 million dollars. Tucker was paid millions of dollars for each one, including a $20 million contract for the third movie. Unfortunately, Tucker suffered through poor financial management for some time, landing himself in serious trouble with the IRS. Tucker eventually owed around $2.5 million in unpaid back taxes. Reports indicate that the comedian worked out a deal with the IRS to the $2.5 million lien. How much money he had left after this payment has not been reported. Some estimates suggest that it was enough to ensure he still had a couple million dollars left. Needless to say, Tucker needs another big hit in order to recover from his past financial problems, and to avoid going the same route as MC Hammer. Tucker is known to only take roles that have him playing a character role similar to what he is comfortable with. As such, he has played in few movies throughout his career, most of which have been generally successful. Considering the fact that he may have a negative net worth, he may want to relent on his movie-making philosophy.

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