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Pat Sajak

Pat Sajak


Born: October 26, 1946

Age: 69

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

Height: 5′ 10″

Industry: TV Gameshow Host

Net Worth: $45 million

In the heated world of reality television, nothing has been more “reality” than game shows. And few faces in the American game show market are more recognizable than Pat Sajak’s. The longtime host of hit show Wheel of Fortune has helped thousands of Americans work their way through alphabetical clues and on their way to riches. Sajak had humble beginnings. Born to a Polish immigrant who was a factory worker, Sajak graduated from high school, college and served in the military during Vietnam. He always had an interest in broadcasting, finding opportunities on radio as a teenager, in college and later on in the Army. Sajak eventually found his way to the small screen, even landing a small anchoring spot on The Today Show. Sajak was offered a position in 1981 as the host of Wheel of Fortune. At the time, this was rejected by NBC’s CEO. However, the CEO was later fired, and Sajak immediately found himself in the host’s seat. His role as host of the hit show has lasted since that time. Unlike most of his Hollywood pals, Sajak is a registered Republican and known for voicing his opinion in favor of conservative ideals.





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