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Todd Hoffman Net Worth

Todd Hoffman Golden Nugget
Todd Hoffman Finds a  Nice Gold Nugget


Age: 47

Place of Birth: Germany

Industry: Business & Mining

Net Worth: $400,000 (with some sources saying $1 million and others saying $5 million).

Todd Hoffman, mildly famous for his role in the Discovery Channel’s hit show Gold Rush, has a relatively small net worth when compared to some of his peers. Originally working in aviation, Hoffman found inspiration about gold mining from his father, who was also a minor. Hoffman left aviation to pursue mining, and as we have seen on the show, has found varying success. When he and his crew attempted to make it rich mining for gold in Guyana, they practically went bankrupt after finding no gold. However, he and his crew have had increasing amounts of success. For Hoffman, the sky is currently the limit! He will be making a return in the 2016 season of Gold Rush, where he and his crew will be mining for gold on a claim they purchased in Oregon. He and his crew originally mined in Oregon before relocating to Yukon, so this season should (hopefully) help increase his overall net worth.

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