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Brett Favre


Brett Favre

Born: October 10, 1969

Age: 46

Place of Birth: Gulfport, Mississippi

Height: 6’ 2”

Industry: Athlete (football)

Net Worth: $100 million
Former football quarterback Brett Favre is worth a cool $100 million (or so we have come to believe) after a successful 20-year career. His multi-million dollar contracts helped pull in a lot of money for the American pro player. Add to that his many endorsement deals, and Favre is easily able to make a clean living well into his long retirement. And at only 46 years old, Favre has a long retirement ahead of him. First drafted into the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons in 1991, Favre spent the majority of his career playing for the Green Bay Packers (1992-2007). He also played for the New York jets in 2008, and finished his career with the Minnesota Vikings from 2009 to 2010. His football story was about as all-American as it gets. He played football to some degree in high school, and only received one scholarship to play football in college. Considering his success in the NFL, all of the colleges that rejected him are likely regretting their decision.

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