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These are some of the richest business owners in the world.

Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort Born: July 9, 1962 Age: 53 Place of Birth: The Bronx, New York City, New York Height: 5’ 7” Industry: Business Net Worth: -$100 million   There are many things in this life that bring in the dollars. One of those is encouraging other people to be the …

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Melania Trump Net Worth

Melania Trump

Beautiful Yugoslavian born Melania Trump has a net worth of $11 million dollars. She is wife of the Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. Read more… Melania Trump Born: April 26, 1970 Age: 46 Height: 5′ 11′ Place of Birth: Yugoslavia Industry: Business Net Worth: ~$11 million Donald Trump’s most recent wife …

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Jerry Heller Net Worth

Jerry Heller

Jerry Heller Born: October 6, 1940 Age: 75 Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio Industry: Business, Music (Management) Net Worth: $20 million Not everyone involved in the rap industry is a rap artist. Sitting behind the scenes in the earliest era of rap artists, Jerry Heller probably surprises a few rap …

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Todd Hoffman Net Worth

Todd Hoffman Golden Nugget

Born: 1969 Age: 47 Place of Birth: Germany Industry: Business & Mining Net Worth: $400,000 (with some sources saying $1 million and others saying $5 million). Todd Hoffman, mildly famous for his role in the Discovery Channel’s hit show Gold Rush, has a relatively small net worth when compared to …

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