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Eddie Murphy Net Worth

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy

Born: April 3, 1961

Age: 55

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York

Industry: Actor

Net Worth: $85 million


Actor and comedian Eddie Murphy has amused fans and tickled more than a few funny bones over the last few decades. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Murphy drew some of his comedic inspiration from his father. Murphy’s father was himself an amateur comedian and actor, although his career never took off. Murphy lost his father at a young age. The death has been described as a crime of passion, as Murphy’s father was stabbed by a female lover. He also found inspiration from Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, and the time he spent in a foster home. Murphy’s stand-up career hit big when he was a young man. In his mid 20s, his stand-up routine film Eddie Murphy Raw raked in $50 million. Murphy later landed on Saturday Night Live, a coveted position that helped him land acting roles in a wide range of movies. Some of his more famous roles include the movie Trading Places and his central role in Coming to America. Always the charmer, Murphy has had 9 children with 5 different women, include former Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Murphy’s acting career continues to go strong, meaning that his net worth will likely continue to grow.

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