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Josh Altman


Josh Altman

Born: March 10, 1979

Age: 37

Place of Birth: Newton, Massachusetts

Industry: Business

Net Worth: $10 million

American real estate can be a very profitable industry, especially for the right agents. Josh Altman is just one example of how the real estate industry can pay–as long as you have the talent, drive, and proper training and connections. Altman made his fortune selling million dollar homes for the rich and famous. His vaunted career helped him land a reality TV show on Bravo! Called Million Dollar Listing. Together with his brother Matt, Altman has sold over $75 million in homes in California. Altman’s success has also landed him into advisory roles with major news outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal. It is not just selling high-end homes that pays the bills for Altman, however. This Syracuse University graduate also makes a living by flipping houses. Similar to many of the house flipping shows popular on HGTV, Altman buys, flips and sells properties for cold, hard cash. Some reports suggest he’s even flipped a own that he later sold for a cool $1 million. Altman has always worked in real estate. Although he graduated from Syracuse with a degree in communications, he left for California immediately following graduation in order to pursue his dreams of becoming a real estate mogul.

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