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Peyton Manning


Peyton Manning

Born: March 24, 1976

Age: 40

Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana

Height: 6′ 5″

Industry: Athlete

Net Worth: ~$200 Million

The older part of the Payton pair, Payton Manning has carved out his name in football history. He is currently one of the most decorated quarterbacks since the founding on the NFL. On March 7, 2016, Manning announced that he would be retiring from the sport. This was after 18 seasons spanning over 20 years playing the sport professionally. Manning’s list of NFL awards is extremely long, including 5 MVP awards, 14 Pro Bowls, 8 AFC Offensive Player of the Year awards and 27 Offensive Player of the Week awards. Manning played for two teams during his time in the NFL: the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos.  Manning helped both teams he played for win the super bowl one time each. While Manning’s post-NFL plans are not widely known, there are some indications that he intends to get involved in new business ventures. This includes the potential for buying a stake in an NFL franchise and expanding his own ownership of restaurant franchises. The football star currently owns 21 Papa John’s pizza stores that he purchased in 2012. Manning’s rivalry with his younger brother Eli is well known, with many controversies surrounding Eli’s facial expression during the 2015 Superbowl highlighting that rivalry.





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