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Rickey Smiley


Rickey Smiley

Born: August 10, 1968

Age: 48

Place of Birth: Birmingham, Alabama

Height: 6’ 0”

Industry: Comedian

Net Worth: $5 million

Comedian and radio personality Rickey Smiley is as interesting as most comedians. Part of that interest comes from his personal life. Although the comedian has no wife and has never been married, he has 4 children: 2 biological sons, and 2 adopted daughters. He also adopted the son of his brother Craig, proving that the comedian is far more selfless than many other comedians around. Smiley is the host of the nationally syndicated radio program Rickey Smiley Morning Show. The comedian counts as one of his primary schticks prank calling different people for laughs. Like many comedians, Smiley is also well-educated. He attended Alabama State University and joined two fraternities in the process, making him very well connected to a large network of fraternity graduates.  Smiley can take claim of a large number of successes and bragging rights as well. This includes hosting ComicView, and appearing on Showtime at the Apollo, Def Comedy Jam, Uptown Comedy Club, and Comic Escape. His successful career has led to a noticeable level of financial success and helping him become a multi-millionaire.




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